Remember when…

putting a sign in front of your business that said

“Accepting Patients”

was all the marketing you had to do to get patients into your door?


Marketing has changed, but we will guide you.

dentist dental marketing new patient sign

Consider this…

Mobile Searches

Most Google searches are done on a mobile device than on computers.


Small businesses with blog posts get 125% more new leads.

Online Reviews

Reading reviews and comments influence the behaviour of 67% of customers.

Local SEO

70% of customers visited a business within 8 km of their location after a local search.

Mobile Friendly

Google favours mobile-friendly websites when displaying search results.

Social Media

The average web user spends almost 2 hours browsing social media networks each day.

Why Choose Us?


Custom Blog Content

Other dental marketing companies use shared blog content, but the blogs we post on your website are unique. Shared blog content can have a negative impact on your SEO when compared to uniquely written blog content.

Custom-Made Websites

Custom-made websites that are designed to help you convert visitors into new patients. Just like having unique content for blog posts matters, your website is created with unique content for all dental services pages.

Mobile Friendly And Responsive

Rest assured that your website will be designed to be mobile friendly while maintaining optimum loading times across all devices. This translates to a better Google Pagespeed score for you and higher page rankings.

Social Media Management

We manage your social media postings weekly with informative and exciting dental content. We also provide custom-made dental images with your logo that you can share on your social media sites.

Are You Positioned To Take Advantage Of Today's Trends?

The longer you ignore your online presence, the more time and opportunity you give your competition to reach out to your prospective new patients.